Introduction to River Monsters

River Monsters is a television series on Animal Planet hosted by Jeremy Wade
uncovers some of the world's most unusual fish and produced by Icon Films of Bristol, UK. The first season aired from 5 April to 17 May, 2009.
A second season began airing on 25 April, 2010.
Learn how to catch a river monster, catch up on Jeremy's latest adventures and
learn more about the strangest, most dangerous and most elusive beasts of the world's rivers and lakes.

River Monsters travels worldwide with host, biologist and extreme angler
Jeremy Wade to explore freshwater mysteries and local folklore, possibly debunk these myths and track down these harrowing tales.
The show has taken viewers to Germany, Australia, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, The Republic of Congo, and Texas.

In the first season, Wade's weekly quest had him in search of Piranha, Alligator gar, Wels catfish, Goonch catfish, Bull shark, Piraiba/Candiru, and Arapaima,
all supposedly deadly creatures shrouded with mystery.
The show also focuses on explaining the creature's feeding habits.

Rebroadcasts of the episodes with captions showing behind the scenes commentary
from the host about the particular episode can also be seen on both Animal Planet and
(as of March 28, 2010) on Discovery Channel, these episodes going by the title "River Monsters: Unhooked".

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